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Blinks: The "Everyone Is Suddenly Nostalgic For The Early 90s" Edition

It's absolute nostalgic explosion in my internet these days.

  • The '90s vs. The '90s
    I think I have to go to this just to hear the panelists answer the question "Is 2009 1991?" (Possible answer: "Yes, but with fewer Hypercolor t-shirts.")

  • Here is my synopsis of every Doug Coupland book, ever.
    I read Shampoo Planet in the summer of 1993 while working a night front desk job in the college dorms. Douglas Coupland will always and forever remind me of hockey players losing their keys, and dialing 1-800-I-FEEL-OK late at night just to hear another voice. Obviously, I would fit quite nicely inside any one of his novels. (via Bookslut)

  • The Transient, Digital Fetish
    How many of us have hauled crates of mixtapes and records and high school paperbacks from apartment to apartment over the years because they mean that much to us? Does the same music in different format mean less to a younger generation? TMN, can we hold hands?

  • This Mortal Coil, You and Your Sister
    Friends fail every day. I want to hear you say your love won't be leaving.

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