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Note to Self in the Age of the Internet: A Necessary Reminder

You do not need to like Animal Collective. You do not need to finish that amazing new novel that everyone is talking about. Or even start it. You do not need to click on every link or link to every click. It's okay to mark all as read.

You do not need to optimize your stats. You do not need a URL.

You do not need to own your own home. (But it would be nice.) You do not need to furnish said home with Eames rockers. (But you can if that's what you like.)

It's okay if Green is your favorite REM album. It's okay if you organize your bookshelves by color. Or if you don't organize them at all. And that you occasionally say no to parties. You do not need to turn up at every one.

You do not need to superpoke, or update, or hit shift+refresh.

You do not need to consider Barbados when you really want to be in the Hebrides.

You do not need to like Helvetica. You do not need to be into DIY. You do not need to try this great new restaurant.

Just because they said so.

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