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Book Notes and Big Sky Country

Largehearted Boy gives props to translators in his new installment of Book Notes, by offering the spotlight both to Electric Flesh author Claro and translator Brian Evenson:

When you're translating a book, you end up reformulating it so that the mind's imagined mouth, while forming different words in a different language, can still try to impart the impact of the original.
Evenson is also interviewed (mostly about Mormonism and his book The Open Curtain) in the most recent issue of Bookslut.

I just yesterday received my (surprisingly aromatic) copy of Joan Didion's We Tell Ourselves Stories In Order To Live, and I do believe I will carry it with me until I die. I'm just wondering how long I will ride this Didion high... and whether a crash is imminent. A note on author burnout from the experienced Maud.

Fast Food Nation continues to be a fascinating read, and I am showing few signs of my usual decrescendoing interest in non-fiction. Perhaps there's curiosity in the old girl yet. And I must admit I am not as enthralled with the Maugham book as I had hoped to be, but I am going to keep at it before diving into anything new. Of Human Bondage was my favorite book in high school - I think I wanted to rediscover what had made his writing so appealing to me back then.

Finally, I am trying to avoid politics on here because I really would like to respect everyone's individual choices, but I have to say that I have really been enjoying following Montana's senate race. A former music teacher and current lentil farmer running against a former farm & ranch news reporter. I'm saving the topic of my love of farmers for another entry, where I have a whole silo full of things to say about the life of Louis Bromfield, and the livestock and grain reports that used to come from the radio in my grandfather's bathroom every time you turned on the light. For now, though, it's nice to briefly be in touch with a part of the country I don't often pay enough attention to. If you'd like to escape politics for a day, have a look at some of the most interesting pictures related to Montana on Flickr. Pictures like these are definitely making me want to plan a vacation there.

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